Brendon Hartley replaces Jon Lancaster at Ocean Racing Technology

In a late move, Ocean Racing Technology have replaced Jon Lancaster with Brendon Hartley.  At the time of writing there has been no reason given for this, but given Jon Lancaster's financial problems last season, it seems possible that he has come into difficulty again.

Brendon Hartley
A former Red Bull Junior Team member, Brendon Hartley is making a habit of replacing other drivers in GP2.  In 2010 he replaced Vladimir Arabadzhiev at Scuderia Coloni for the last two rounds of the season, and in 2011 he replaced Kevin Mirocha at Ocean Racing Technology.  Despite his Red Bull backing, he didn't quite achieve the results that might have been expected of him: in his two seasons in Formula Renault 3.5 he failed to win a single race, and finished 10th in the championship in his best season before being dropped by Red Bull.  That said, in his two seasons of GP2 he has performed well considering the amount of preparation he had, and so he could well bring in points for Ocean Racing Technology.

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