Gutiérrez cuts through the field to win

In a race in which the safety car probably led the most laps, Esteban Gutiérrez managed to make the most of the times when the safety car was in to move from 5th to 1st.  At the start of the race the Mexican driver passed Max Chilton and Felipe Nasr to slot in to 3rd, just behind Giedo van der Garde in 2nd and James Calado, who maintained 1st position from the start and began pulling out a lead over his rivals. Before the first time the safety car came out, Calado had a lead of 15 seconds over van der Garde.

The safety car was first brought out when debris off Tom Dillmann's chassis was scattered across the track.  Of the front runner's, only Calado was yet to pit, and his lead over the rest of the field was destroyed by the pack backing up behind the safety car.  When the safety car came in Calado was still in the lead, but was yet to pit.  Only a few laps passed before the safety car came in again, when Jolyon Palmer made contact with the back of Fabrizio Crestani's chassis, flipping Crestani's car twice before it came to rest upside down on the tarmac.  Thankfully Crestani was able to walk away from the accident, and it appears he escaped serious injury.

When the action resumed again, Calado led from Luiz Razia and Esteban Gutiérrez, but was still required to make a pitstop. Gutiérrez managed to pass Luiz Razia for 2nd on lap 23.  Calado finally pit from the lead, just as the safety car came out for the third time of the race, after Giancarlo Serenelli stopped on the circuit after his car was tapped from behind, putting the Venezuelan driver into a spin.  When Calado emerged he was down in 10th, and Gutiérrez became the race leader.  Marcus Ericsson also passed Razia to take 2nd.

Results of the Valencia Feature Race

1. Esteban Gutiérrez 1:00:31.895
2. Marcus Ericsson +1.615
3. Luiz Razia +6.064
4. Fabio Leimer +6.408
5. Rio Haryanto +6.928
6. Nathanaël Berthon +7.605
7. Max Chilton +8.384
8. Davide Valsecchi +10.573
9. James Calado +11.099
10. Stefano Coletti +15.404
11. Simon Trummer +15.782
12. Giedo van der Garde +15.962
13. Julián Leal +16.869
14. Fabio Onidi +17.715
15. Stéphane Richelmi +18.338
16. Josef Král +19.580
17. Rodolfo González +22.983
18. Daniel de Jong +23.456
19. Johnny Cecotto, Jr.1 +39.627
20. Víctor Guerin +1 lap
R. Giancarlo Serenelli Retired
R. Felip Nasr Retired
R. Jolyon Palmer Retired
R. Fabrizio Crestani Retired
R. Tom Dillmann Retired
R. Nigel Melker Retired
1 Johnny Cecotto, Jr. handed a penalty for an unsafe pit release.

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