Mitch Evans stays calm at the start to win

Before today Mitch Evans' only win in GP3 Series had come at Catalunya in last year's feature race. One year on he has repeated the feat in the opening race of the 2012 championship.  At the start Mitch Evans managed to move up one place from 4th to 3rd, but it was Daniel Abt who had a lightning quick start, going from 6th to 1st before the first corner. His start was so good that the stewards adjudged that he had actually jumped the start, as were António Félix da Costa, and Antonio Spavone, and all three were given drive-through penalties. This gave Evans the lead, and he held 1st position from then until the end of the race. The penalties also saw Marlon Stöckinger promoted to 2nd and Aaro Vainio to 3rd.

Mid-way through the race Kevin Ceccon, who had been unable to set a time during qualifying, had more misfortune come his way as he stopped on the track at turn 9.  Given that he was in a dangerous position, the safety car was forced to come out while his car was removed from the track by the marshals.  When the safety car came in and racing resumed, Vainio found himself under pressure from Patric Niederhauser, with the cars side-by-side at points.  Vaino was able to hold off the Swiss driver, however, and finished the race in 3rd.

Finishing in 8th position and getting pole for tomorrow's sprint race was Robert Visoiu. Patric Niederhauser set the fastest lap.

Results of the Catalunya Feature Race

1. Mitch Evans 28:38.738
2. Marlon Stöckinger +2.609
3. Aaro Vainio +4.594
4. Patric Niederhauser +5.071
5. Matias Laine +6.284
6. Conor Daly +6.941
7. Tio Ellinas +7.419
8. Robert Visoiu +10.102
9. David Fumanelli +11.046
10. Alex Brundle +11.291
11. Dmitry Suranovich +15.105
12. Tamás Pál Kiss +15.752
13. Daniel Abt +16.231
14. António Félix da Costa +16.577
15. Robert Cregan +17.132
16. Fabiano Machado +17.775
17. Antonio Spavone +18.284
18. Kotaro Sakurai +19.087
19. Jakub Klasterka +19.626
20. Carmen Jordá +22.224
21. John Wartique +23.070
22. Vicky Piria +32.897
23. William Buller +46.346
R. Kevin Ceccon Retired
R. Ethan Ringel Retired
R. Alice Powell Retired

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