Two late additions to the Formula Two grid

Just before getting underway at Silverstone, Formula Two announced two drivers joining the grid for the 2012 season, Italian Samuele Buttarelli and Polish driver Kevin Mirocha.

23.          Samuele Buttarelli

Young Italian driver Samuele Buttarelli joins Formula Two from Auto GP, having competed in the series last season, taking two wins on his way to 8th in the championship.  Having never driven the Formula Two car before this weekend, it could be difficult for him to get up to speed, as the other drivers on the grid have more experience, but his Auto GP record suggests that he is here on merit.  Had he had the time to learn the car, wins could have been a possibility, but perhaps points are a better aim for this season while he gains experience.

24.          Kevin Mirocha

Last season Kevin Mirocha drove in GP2 for Ocean Racing Technology, having a difficult season in which he was somewhat hampered by a shoulder injury before being replaced by Brendon Hartley.  Mirocha did get a brief chance to test the Formula Two car in 2009, but the car has been developed since then, so it may take him some time to learn the car.  Should manage a few point finishes over the course of the season.

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